Improving World of Warcraft Performance ( Vista, XP,2000,Win7, Win8, and Win10)

Greetings All.

Did some research again and following few lines of text is a result of it.

To make WoW work better, the following lines got to be added in your file located in WTF directory of your WoW instalation.

SET gxApi "d3d9ex" - Feature to the D3D graphic engine that will come fully in MOP, to improve texture management.

SET processAffinityMask "value" - This allows you to tell WoW how many processor cores your computer has and it will do its best to utilize them.

The "value" should be as follows:

  • If you are running a single core processor, set this to 1 (sorry but you won't get any performance from this)

  • If you are running a dual (2) core processor, set this to 3

  • If you are running a triple (3) core processor, set this to 7

  • If you are running a quad (4) core processor, set this to 15

  • If you are running an 8 core processor, set this to 255.

Example: SET processAffinityMask "3"

SET gxTextureCacheSize "value" - You can tell WoW how much memory should/can it use for textures in game instead of just letting WoW to decide.

I've tested it and you can easy put all of your card memory to WoW for best effect (assuming you're not doing something graphically intensive in the background), others say it's safer to give it a half or 3/4 of it though, and should be enough as well I suppose. Anyway it's for sure better to set it then leave it on auto.

The "value" should be as follows:

  • If you have a 128mb card, set this to 128.

  • If you have a 256MB video card, set this to 256.

  • If you have a 512MB video card, set this to 512.

  • If you have a 896MB video card, set this to 896.

  • If you have a 1GB video card, set this to 1024.

Example: SET gxTextureCacheSize "1024"

Important: This option only workd with d3dex enabled

Following are optional settings, to be tested by yourselves what suits you best.

SET M2Faster "value" - Values can be between 0 - 3 (1 is default).

M2Faster changes the way our 3D model drawing engine approaches the task of drawing the scene, basically drawing objects in a more optimized order.

M2Faster can improve performance in crowded scenes when "Vertex Animation Shaders" is turned on. This function can be turned off by setting M2Faster to "0" in the

  • Reduces the unique number of vertex shader permutations that we will choose to use in rendering

  • Sorts the drawing of items in the scene a little differently to reduce the number of times we re-program the vertex shader hardware.

I've read a lot and seems with todays high end PC's it's best to set it to "3" for best effect, but it's individual PC configuration dependent.

SET timingMethod "value" - Values can be between 0 - 2 (0 as disabled/default)

This one is interesting.


"You can significantly speed up WoW on Windows with a simple setting. Awhile ago a number of people figured out that if you run windows media player at the same time, the game runs faster! Unbelievable as this sounds, it’s true. And it is because media player tells Windows to use different timings which can be better for WoW. This works especially well on older or multi-core computers but seems to help just about anyone if only just a little. You may see your load times go down and your frames per second go up.

Media Player essentially changes your thread scheduler timings using a windows API. This effects every program running on your computer. This tweak is fairly well known in other games and among server admins, but it was just discovered or rediscovered to work for WoW.

If you don’t care to run media player, or want to have all your computer resources available for WoW. You can directly configure WoW to act similarly using a special command.

Go to your chatline in the game and type either of these commands. Then, restart your game.

/console timingmethod 1


/console timingmethod 2

Blizzard hasn’t been specific on how they work. But setting the timing to 1 seems to help older computers and setting it to 2 seems to be better for multicore computers. Setting it to 1 is similar to running windows media player. Try both to see which works best. The official word is,

They’re different timing modes for the game that will do different things depending on how your multicolored processor behaves. This command was first introduced in 2.0.3. timingmethod 1 is generally for systems where the cores do not synchronize.

You might run into issues like your framerate caps at 64 instead of your vsync value. timingmethod2 is a higher resolution timing method and you won’t hit the cap with that.

From what I understand, 2 can do that if your computer spends too much time thinking. It basically tells the game that it can think more often than being constrained by a time limit.

You might experience similar behaviors with timingmethod 1 with a media program up, such as Windows Media Player. Those programs change the timing system wide while they’re running.

There is also an equivalent way to set the timings if you don’t want to start your game twice.

Go to your WTF folder and edit your file with a text editor like Notepad. The default location is C:\Program Files\World of

Warcraft\WTF\ Add the following line at the bottom.

set timingMethod "1"


set timingMethod "2"

If neither makes much of a difference or even worse causes problems, you can set it back to 0 on the chatline or delete the line from your config file."

So in summary - either try one of these settings or run WMP in background to get more performance ;-)

You can set all those things by yourself OR use a little awesome addon called TweakWoW

It lets you modify some console variables easily via interface options up to the real maximum. You can keep regulating practically all of those settings mentioned above with it (not timingMethod), nicely,simply done and all option explained in tips.

Few extra things you can do with it as well to your graphic view pleasure.

Check it out on linked site.

From other things you can try if you're NVidia user:

  • Try turning off Transparency Antialiasing and Ambient Occlusion in the NVIDIA Control Panel.

  • NVIDIA PhysX drivers may have odd interactions with the video card's performance. If that is installed, try uninstalling or disabling the PhysX drivers. (Disabling PhysX can be done via the option located in the Windows Control Panel)

  • NVIDIA GTX 200 series video cards may stay in power saving mode, giving you lower performance. Please check your power savings settings.

To be more specific, if you're running smoothly everywhere already, skip this post. Use the new engine for sure tho...

BUT if you experience lags in Dala or in intensive fights, try those settings out! OR at least start from runing Windows Media Player in the background (no need to run anything on it, just make it run player by itself) and see if it makes a difference.

I'm more then happy with effects.

My current added settings that work awesome are:

  • SET processAffinityMask "15" - as I got quad CPU

  • SET gxApi "d3d9ex" - new engine

  • SET gxTextureCacheSize "1536" - as I got 1,5 giga ram on GPU

  • SET M2Faster "3" - suppose to work best on high-end PC, and seems to

  • SET timingMethod "2" - suppose to work best on high-end PC, and seems to

That's it for now.


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