During TwitchCon 2017, Bungie stepped up and announced that updates and live events will be split into four seasons per year. These seasons are said to change the “theme” of the gameplay and will allow clans to unlock perks for completing specific set tasks.

One interesting feature that’s set to arrive is Ice Hockey, which will play just as much as a role in the game as soccer does over at The Farm. On top of this, Bungie announced the ability to throw snowballs at one another will also be coming to the game – snowballs that do damage to enemies too. This will all be a part of The Dawning event, which includes the ability to earn new winter-themed gear and items (we suspect will be shared across Bright Engrams and normal drops) including a new exotic emote, the infamous “Mic Drop”.

Mercifully Iron Banner will be returning in Season Two with some much needed changes in comparison to the Iron Banner we’ve recently endured in the current Season One. Not only will we be able to buy gear from Lord Saladin directly using legendary shards, but Bungie are supposedly doing away with the token system.

Iron Banner armour ornaments will also be making an appearance, but before you get too happy you might want to keep in mind that there’s still one more Season One Iron Banner event that we have to make it through before these changes are thrown into motion. Trials of the Nine will get a refresh too, on top of the arrival of a new competitive multiplayer map. Bungie have yet to confirm if Sparrow Racing League will return, an event that was implemented into the first game during The Dawning.

There’s no word on when Season Two will kick start, but as soon as we know, we’ll keep you in the loop. Season One has seen the implementation of Faction Rallies and Iron Banner, but for those that were hoping for much more content will probably have to wait until the first DLC drops later this year.

From our short look at hockey, it seems like it'll be similar to the soccer mini-game at the Farm. You can kick a puck around, trying to score it in the opposite goal. Throughout Destiny 2's playable areas, there'll also be snowballs you can grab, and throwing them at enemies will actually do damage.

The Dawning will also feature a unique set of gear and items to earn, including some cool-looking winter-themed cosmetic items, as well as a full set of Dawning-themed armor. It's likely that this gear will drop from Bright Engrams.

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